BestBuddy snacks


First of all, we think it is important that a reward or treat is liked by your pet. We are convinced that tasty and healthy can go hand in hand. Dogs and cats naturally eat mainly meat and this is the most important ingredient in the snacks for us.

The lamb and beef used for the snacks comes from free range farms. On these farms the animals are kept free on large areas. The animals are therefore guaranteed to be grass-fed. No preventive antibiotics or growth hormones are used on these farms. The meat that comes from these companies is a wonderful raw material for our tasty and responsible rewards.

By using the meat of 1 animal species per snack, the BestBuddy snacks can easily be given to dogs or cats with a high sensitivity or even allergy to meat of a certain animal species.

It is mainly dogs that enjoy the BestBuddy rewards, cats also love the treats from BestBuddy. Cats are picky eaters by nature. They confirm the quality of the ingredients and composition. BestBuddy snacks contain all the goodness of meat in a sustainable form.

Wij zijn trots op de bijzonder hoge acceptatie van onze snacks.


BestBuddy snacks are made from various animal species and available in all kinds of different shapes. The animal species can be recognized by the color of the packaging and the animal symbol. For instance:

Pure Dry

Under Pure Dry you will find snacks in the purest form, the only processing is drying, some traditionally smoked. The Pure dry snacks are suitable as a reward and snack for the dog.


The Chews are tasty chews that are good for the teeth and keep your dog busy. Please note: the Chews are always a combination of beef hide with meat / hide from a different animal species. The beef marrow pipe is an exception, it consists only of dried and traditionally smoked beef bone.

Jerky - Strips - Sausage

The meat snacks Jerky, Strips and Sausage consist of 95% muscle meat and slowly dried to retain all flavor and aroma. Your dog loves it. These snacks are suitable as a snack and as a reward both during and after training.


The small pieces of the Bonus snacks are ideally suited for training dogs and cats. Soft and very tasty treats made of 95% muscle meat in handy storage jars.


Softs are the soft reward snacks in many flavors. Made from no less than 85% meat and meat meal, in contrast to the 4% meat meal that is usual in the well-known buckets. These snacks are gluten-free and full of flavor. The Softs are suitable as a small snack and especially as a training snack for your dog.


You add the Dressings to the feed. They promote appetite and digestion. The Dressings have a beneficial effect on: metabolism, immune system, heart and blood vessels, immune system and joints (salmon oil) and coat and skin (sheep fat and salmon oil).


BestBuddy's snacks are the most accepted snacks on the market due to the unique recipe. The snacks are tasty and easy to give and store. How come BestBuddy snacks are so tasty?

The dogs first rely on the smell of the snacks. Dogs 'noses are much better developed than humans'. Muscle meat is used for BestBuddy's snacks. The dogs smell the natural scent of meat that is retained by slow drying at a low temperature. The structure of the meat also remains intact. The fibers of muscle meat provide a soft yet firm bite.

The meat from which BestBuddy snacks are made has been approved for human consumption.

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